ASPAC 2020 Kathmandu – Day 2

Day 2

Report prepared by Olivia Chin

Rodney and I tried out the breakfast spread at the Shanker Hotel. Simple but enough. It was USD 16 per person. After breakfast we ventured out to the street of Kathmandu. We braved ourselves by crossing the busy streets with our eyes closed!

We visited Royal Palace Museum and paid NPR 500 per person for entrance. This was where the Royal Massacre happened. We saw where the Royal family of 12 was killed by Prince Dipendra. The whole tour took about 1 hour. No bags or camera allowed inside the Palace. We could only take our wallet and bottled of water with us.

Then we walked all the way to Thamel, which only took us a mere 20 mins walk. The weather was nice, so walking was easy. We asked the pedestrian walking along with us trying to find our way, just to be taught to use GPS, i.e Waze.

Shirley, Amanda and the other Malaysian delegates staying at Kathmandu Home Suites went for a Kathmandu city day tour.

After that, all if us gathered at Hyatt to practice for the performance on 7th Mac. Shirley forgot to bring her medicines and we went to buy some from a local pharmacy. Strip of aspirin cost NPR 8 only.

The ASPAC Executive board were invited for dinner while the rest of us went to Kathmandu Home Suites for dinner.

We managed to recruit a member for Nepal club thru our booth!

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