Kiwanis Club of Klang

Mah Meri Orang Asli Village

Kampung Leleh BumBun, Pulau Carey

Where Is This Village?

The village is about 50 km or about an hour's drive from Klang City center.

About The Villagers

17 families with 30 children which 7 are babies under 1 year old. They are traditionally fishermen and odd job workers.


Our cause is to create more sustainable plans for the villagers to sustain themselves. We also deliver basic essentials to the community and implement infrastructure programs.
Essential Items & Supplies
We collect donations and support the village with groceries and essential supplies.
Donate Now
We put your money to good use and help build essential infrastructure on the village grounds.
Donate Now
We gather pre-loved clothes from our communities for the orang asli.
All kids need toys. We donate and collect pre-loved toys for the children of the village. If you have toys your children no longer need, do donate them to this cause.
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Together we can make a difference

Kiwanis Club of Klang