Kids are curious, lovable and hilarious. They are also wild, impatient and vulnerable. Kiwanis is looking out for kids in every corner of the globe with more than 550,000 volunteers who serve their communities through local clubs.

The Kiwanis Club of Klang is over 30 years old and has distinguished itself as one of  the Royal Towns leading service organizations. We are registered as an NGO with the Registrar of Societies Malaysia (ROS Reg. 4667/90). We focus on helping children and the less fortunate in our community.

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Saturday, 17 July 2021 at 2:00 PM

Our communities and neighbours are in peril. Kiwanis Malaysia is organizing a round-table talk to bring together community leaders, stakeholders and professional experts to discuss and find solutions to assist those who have no choice but to raise the white flag.

This talk will be broadcast on Zoom and live streamed on at https://give.kiwan.is

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Meeting ID: 957 7392 2042
Passcode: whiteflag

Watch the live stream give.kiwan.is

Just visit the website again on the day of the event at 2:00 PM.

No registration is required so join us this coming Saturday, 17 July.

Help The Children And Community

When you give to the Kiwanis Club of Klang, 95% of every Ringgit goes to our cause. You can get involved in making a change in the lives of the children and the less fortunate in our community.

  • RM 100 can feed a family for a week
  • RM 250 can support a child in our Down Syndrome Centre for a month
  • RM 3000 can support a child in our Down Syndrome Centre for a year
With your support, we can make an impact in the lives of less fortunate children and the community. We rely on donations and contributions from the public to sustain our service project & permanent projects such as the Down Syndrome Center.

Our Causes


Help put computers in the hands of our poorest children


Mah Meri Orang Asli Village, Kampung Leleh BumBun, Pulau Carey


Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation Klang Centre


Service Projects for the children and less fortunate in our community

The Center of Hope

Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation Klang Centre

The Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation (“KDSF”) Klang Centre opened its doors in a small rented home in June 1994 with one Teacher/Administrator (To’ Puan Janet La Brooy) and 4 children.

In 2007 the centre moved to larger premises located at No 28, Jalan Kampar, 41300 Klang, which can cater for up to 65 children. Currently we are serving 61 children who attend the school twice a week for one on one teaching with our specially trained teachers / Therapist.

This is the clubs principal Children Priority One Programme and caters for children from birth till 6 years old.

Get Involved


Help us make the future brighter by supporting our club service projects and our youth programs


Would you like to volunteer your time or expertise?


Join our club and make a world of difference to the kids in the community.