Greetings all.

During the ASPAC EXECUTIVE BOARD meeting held on 18 December 2021, it was moved, seconded and agreed that:

“ the 47th ASPAC Convention be a hybrid convention – this meaning that members of the Philippines Districts may attend the in-person Convention in Manila with the registration fee of US$200.00, and all other Kiwanians attend the Virtual Convention with the registration fee of US$30.00.”

Several factors influenced this decision. There is uncertainty of the Philippines border being open to allow travel into/out of the Philippines, uncertainty about travel allowances by other Governments in the ASPAC districts and nations, and also notification from Kiwanis International that their staff and Executive Board members would not be attending.

Dates remain the same – April 1 and April 2.

Registration forms will be sent to all Governors and nations representatives within 48 hours. 

Please make this announcement known to all Kiwanis members in your District/Nation.

Kind Regards

Graham Chick

Kiwanis ASPAC Secretary