ASPAC 2020 Kathmandu – Day 1

Klang Club Members Arrive in Kathmandu

Report prepared by Olivia Chin

Shirley, Amanda, Rodney n I together with other Klang Club Members attending ASPAC Kathmandu arrived at KLIA in early morning of 4th Mac 2020.

Communication is key, because somehow we never met each other at the airport until at the boarding lounge.
The flight to Kathmandu took approximately 4hrs and 15 mins. I slept all the way and only woke up to take beautiful pictures of the Himalayan Range from the plane window.
Upon arrival, everyone was very excited. The weather was 19c, cooling like Genting Highlands.
The airport personnel checked every passenger for covid-19 with a temperature gun. I am very surprised that their luggage handling was fast. Before I could get the trolley for our luggages (yes, plural, we have 5 luggages between Rodney n I), the luggages were already taken from the luggage belt n placed on the floor.
Before we exited the airport, the passengers were asked for their luggage tag to ensure they took their own luggage(s)and no one else’s.
Kathmandu is very dusty. We used face mask not to prevent Covid-19 but to prevent from the dust. I have underestimated the temperature here, and soon enough my cotton blazer wasn’t enough to keep me warm.
Shirley and Amanda will be staying in Home Suites Hotel while Rodney and I will be staying at Shanker Hotel. After checking in, we went to meet up with Gary at Hyatt Hotel before he flew back to KL on the same day. There at the Hyatt Hotel, we were introduced to Mr Mohan, the Organising Chairman of ASPAC, and it was really kind of him to invite us to join him and others for an authentic Nepalese dinner experience. I was expecting to experience eating dinner with dust from the roadside, but Rodney n I, including everyone at the dinner were very impressed with the dining experience. The restaurant was an old castle turned into a restaurant. The restuarant serves food in copper plates and bowls, and water and local spirits in copper cups/saucers (except when you prefer to drink wine like me in the photo, wine is served in a wine glass).Words would not be able to express the wonderful dinner we had. Please look at the photos.
Rodney and I were dropped back at our hotel at 10.30pm.
Stay tuned to our adventure on Day 2.

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