ASPAC 2020 Kathmandu – Day 3

This is our 3rd day in Kathmandu. The ASPAC Business session 1 will commence at 2pm today, so Rodney and I decided to walk around our hotel to look for lunch. We went on Google to search for nearby cafe for brunch. All the 3 cafes recommended by Google were either not in existence or under construction, even Hard Rock Cafe was under construction!

So we settled at a small cafe for brunch.

This is the first time Rodney and I attended the ASPAC. It is indeed an eye opener for new members like us. Jimmy and I did our best by presenting to the judges during the Best Exhibition competition on the content of KM’s booth. KM booth was simple but the contents were impactful.

It was announced that ASPAC 2023 will be held in Genting Highland, Malaysia.

The Nepal Organising Committee arranged really nice entertainment during the Grand Opening dinner.

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