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Dear Kiwanians,

AT 7.30 a.m. on the 10th August our member Gary Wong received word that our dearest member Yonne Ong had suffered a stroke as a result of a brain haemorrhage and was in a coma. Yonne is only 52 years old.

She was given little chance of survival at the time but being the fighter she is she responded to treatment and opened her eyes that afternoon.

However her condition remained critical and was in ICU but thankfully managing to breathe on her own.

On the 15th August the bleeding in her brain had stopped she could open her eyes but not able to talk .

She is now out of ICU and in high dependency care unit at Sunway Medical Centre. Her condition has stabilized.

Yonne is a single Mum and runs her own business which would have been affected by the MCO.

Her daughters don’t have the financial muscle to cover her hospital costs.

For all she has done for hundreds of children in her time with us in Kiwanis we must come to her aid at her time of need. She has been our Club President, Treasurer, Youth Camp Facilitator, KDSF Chairman (Klang Centre), KDSF Foundation Treasurer and KDSF Council Member. And she makes great Chocolates! Please send her family a donation by clicking on the DONATE button.


The Kiwanis Club of Klang has raised RM 79,307.61 as of the 30 September 2021 the #Yonneneeds help campaign . We have transferred the funds to the family who will now undertake the management of the expenses that Yonne needs to keep going.

However will not be enough for her long term care. We appeal to everyone to continue supporting her cause so we can reach our initial target of RM 100,000 in funding.

Yonne’s Daughter has provided us with an update on her mother’s condition

“There is just slight progress from my mum.

She has fever quite often due to an infection. The doctors are testing her blood and phlegm to determine the cause of the infection.

She is unable to feed herself and is on tube feeding . She has difficulty breathing and so the doctors have enabled breathing thru her trachea .. Her phlegm builds up quite often & has to have several suctions daily ..

She opens her eyes once awhile but sleeps throughout most days.

Sometimes she moves her tongue or shrugs her shoulder, it’s not much but to us this is progress .

I do think that she can hear us and sometimes we see tears flowing from her eyes.

The family calls her daily to speak to her just to let her listen to our voice and to let her know she is not alone in the room.

My grandmother visits her daily to feed her the milk which Kiwanis kindly helped to purchased.

We sincerely thank you, Kiwanians friends and also to mum’s friends for caring for her and taking care of her needs. It really means a lot to us. We have received the funds that have been raised by Kiwanis for which we are extremely thankful. It will go a long way when we take her home and have to manage looking after her,”.