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Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation Klang Centre

Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation Klang,  No 28, Jalan Kampar, 41300 Klang, Selangor
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The Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation (“KDSF”) Klang Centre opened its doors in a small rented home in June 1994 with one Teacher/Administrator (To’ Puan Janet La Brooy) and 4 children. In 2007 the centre moved to larger premises located at No 28, Jalan Kampar, 41300 Klang, which can cater for up to 65 children.  Currently we are serving 61 children who attend the school twice a week for one on one teaching with our specially trained teachers / Therapist.  This is the clubs principal Children Priority One Programme and caters for children from birth till 6 years old.

We employ 6 full time staff comprising Teachers/a Physiotherapist/ an Occupational Therapist/ A Child Psychologist and an administrator who attend to the children.  Each child attends class for a maximum of twice a week and the ratio of teachers to children is 1:3 per session.

We have 2 sessions per day from 9.00am-11.30am and 1.00-3.30pm. The Centre opens at 7.30-4.00pm -Monday- Friday.  Admission is strictly on a first come first served basis.

All admissions have to fill out a medical form which must be completed by a registered medical doctor before the child is enrolled at the centre.  We place a great deal of importance on 6 monthly medical check-ups and annual eye and hearing tests for each child, so that any health problems can be quickly identified and dealt with.  We work closely with the Klang General Hospital where many of our children are refered to for their medical check ups.

We accept children from birth to 6 years old. We encourage early admissions as the earlier the children gets to attend classes the better progress they will make. At the moment we have several babies under the age of 2 attending weekly and who are making great progress. We have 2 globally approved educational programmes which are used at as our syllabus. They are;

  • The Infant Stimulation Programme (ISP) for the newly born-2 years old and
  • The Early Intervention Programme (EIP) for children from the ages  3-6 years old.


Once the child gets a place in the centre he/she will be given an assessment to enable us to assess their capabilities. With this assessment we then draw up his/her own Individual Education Plan which carefully plots what we will be teaching him in the coming months. All areas of learning are covered in the Education Plan; however the method of teaching is different from the normal nursery/kindergarten.

We are also providing all the necessary teaching aids which are loaned out to the parents to take home and practice with their children. We also have our very own lending library which contains lots of items which have been built up over the years. 

The Centre also has a very active Parent Support Group who  help us for their own children benefit.

We will have our annual sports day and also School Party and graduations. Sometimes taking them outing.

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