Kiwanis Sabah Covid-19 Food Aid

Organized by The Kiwanis Club of Klang

Registrar of Societies registration number 4667/90

What are the funds for:
KIWANIS CLUB OF KOTA KINABALU CITY (KCKKCity) a sponsor club of Kiwanis Club of Klang and Kiwanis Club of Johor Jaya, is raising Funds for the B40 Families in our Kota Kinabalu district community to help the less fortunate members of the Kota KInabalu community which includes B40 families and orphanages by providing them grocery.

Kiwanis Club of Klang is working in conjunction with the Kiwanis Club of Kota Kinabalu City on this donation drive and service project.

Our target is RM100 per family.

How are the funds distributed:

  • Thru NGOs, and to homes and B40 Families
  • By providing groceries supplies to the recipients

Covid 19 沙巴筹款活动


我们的目标是捐助RM100 等值的食物杂粮给予每个需要的家庭。

of RM 50,000 raised so far.
RM 0

Abby Lim

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Donate by purchasing an E-book

Lolo, Nini and Kiki, the Little Monkey
An Adventure to the Corn Festival

Story by Jinky Jane
Illustrated by Grace Yong

RM 26.90
E-Book package includes:
Storybook (PDF), Finger puppets craft (PDF)

Lend a hand by purchasing “Lolo, Nini and Kiki, the Little Monkey, An Adventure to the Corn Festival” by Jinky Jane. 20% of the proceeds of this book will go to the Sabah Covid 19 Food Aid campaign.

Jinky Jane C. Simeon’s “An Adventure to the Corn Festival” is a book that features animals, including ten endangered species on the Borneo islands. The ten featured animals include Orangutan (*Orang Utan), Sun bear (*Beruang madu/ Beruang matahari), Proboscis monkey (*Monyet Belanda), Hornbill (*Burung enggang), Pygmy elephant (*Gajah Pigmi), Sunda Clouded Leopard (*Harimau Dahan Sunda), Tarsier (*Kera hantu), Bornean Rhinoceros (*Badak Borneo), Pangolin (*Tenggiling), and Banteng (*Tembadau).

The composed song found in the book is in a call and response format. Teachers sing the call part, and the students respond, replacing the names of the animals. Teachers can accompany the song with an ostinato pattern, or `ukulele, helping the children keep the beat.

With the finger puppets that are provided with the book, children, including those who are not from Southeast Asia, will have a hands-on experience with the animals. Children do not need to learn the names of all the animals in one day. It all depends on the children’s attention span.

This book won the PEREKA (UMS Research and Innovation Competition) gold award from Malaysia in 2019. As they interact with each other, teachers and children will enjoy this book tremendously.

*Malay language

Dr. Chet-Yeng Loong,
Professor of Music, Area Chair, Music Education
University of Hawai’i


Donation amounts possible: RM20, RM50, RM100, RM200, RM500, RM1000, RM2000 & RM5000. You may also donate by purchasing the E-book for RM 26.90 of which a portion will go to the fund-raising campaign.
We accept credit/debit cards and bank transfers (FPX), eWallets (GrabPay, Boost, TouchNGo).
You can choose to remain anonymous if you want to. Your email and phone number will remain private.

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Saturday, 13 June 2020:

Working in conjuction with SPDA and Rotary, we distributed a round of essentials to those in need.

Tuesday, 5 May 2020:

Our online fund raising campaign begins!


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